About Us

Who we are to you.

We are Engineers for your factory.

Our mainstream business is to supply the industrial parts made from Polyurethane Elastomer, AUTHANE. While other products and services in mechanical area i.e. custom molding, customized parts, specialized roller, etc, are also in our field of competency.

Our key value proposition

Understand customer requirement

We worked in a Polyurethane (PU) manufacturing industry for years. Experience in all aspects of PU fabrication. Translating a complex requirement from customer to production order is our unique value.

Best Polyurethane manufacturing

To ensure a quality of finished goods, our production is by the best Polyurethane Elastomer manufacturing of Thailand. The factory established since 1983 and certified ISO9001:2000 since 2003.

Hands-on mechanical expertise

Background in Mechanical Engineering, we can design and provide the custom machinery parts using the modern technology.

What products we can supply

Polyurethane Elastomer fabricated parts

  • Wheels, Rollers
  • Coupling, Seal, Tube, Sheet and Rod
  • Lining, Bumper, Fender
  • Bushings and Bearings
  • Custom parts, etc.

Industrial roller

  • Steel roller
  • Rubber roller

Mechanical works

  • High precision machinery and automotive parts using CNC, laser and water jet cutting, lathe, milling, grinding, and drilling machine.

Our service offerings

Manufacturing service

  • Make a Polyurethane Elastomer parts by order.
  • Make an industrial roller by order.
  • Make a custom machinery parts, CNC laser cutting, water jet cutting.

Plant improvement consultancy service

We provide a consultant to improve the plant performance and eliminate the processing line legacy problem by using Polyurethane Elastomer.
  • Maintenance downtime improvement
  • Abrasion and wearing reduction
  • Crack from high impact, repeated impingement, repeated-flex resolution
  • Friction tuning
  • Noise reduction
  • Machine vibration
  • Waste management
  • Processing time and line adjustment