Polyurethane Product

Polyurethane Elastomer has a characteristics that can outperform a legacy material like wood, metal, rubber or even conventional plastics in many applications.  

Highlight features:

  • Wide range of hardness. 
    • It can harder than bone to softer than wristband. 
  • Excellence in abrasion resistant. 
    • Parts wearing problem can be solved. 
  • High impact resistance. 
    • Best for high impact or repeated impingement. 
  • Wide resilience range. 
    • It rebounds well. 
  • Very flexible. 
    • It will not crack in repeated-flex application. Still flexible in low temperature. 
  • Electrical insulated. 
    • It is an insulator naturally. 
  • Water immersion immune. 
    • Neglected volume and very small weight increase after prolonged immersion in normal to warm water. Water lubricated application is widely acknowledged. 
  • Outdoor and tropical preference. 
    • It immune to ozone, oxygen, radiation, humidity, or even mold, mildew and fungus growth. 
  • All-in-one chemical and flame resistance. 
    • While other substances may resist certain solvent well. Polyurethane only can resist number of chemicals, oil, grease. It as well can be made to resist flame. 
  • Sound deadening. 
    • Good for noise reduction and anti-vibration application. 
  • High bond to materials. 
    • High bond strength on wood, metal and plastics. Times stronger bond than rubber to similar substrate. Imply to high safety, performance and last of application over rubber. 
  • Low mold and tooling cost. 
    • Lower cost comparing with an expensive injection mold technique of other plastics type. Ideal economically production a medium to large size part in limited quantity or making a custom parts.